The Nature of Pu’er Tea 

Pu’er Tea is a big leaf tea varietal and grows only on the most ancient tea trees on Earth. Pu’er Tea trees form a symbiosis with their natural ecology and possess a natural immunity that has helped them thrive for hundreds and thousands of years. They are one of the last few ecologically balanced and untainted food sources left on Earth.

'Eat Drink Tea' green tea essence is extracted from unfermented Pu-er leaves and black tea essence from fermented Pu’er leaves

Green Pu’er vs Black Pu’er

EDT Black Pu’er

-SGS Analysis indicates total polyphenol content of 33%, higher than any black tea on the market. During fermentation, catechins are partially converted into a unique combination of theaflavin, statin and gallic acid. Statin is a class of drugs used to lower cholesterol and occurs naturally in Black Pu’er tea.

EDT Green Pu’er

-SGS Analysis indicate natural EGCG and EC (catechins) content of 55,700ppm and 64,900ppm, and total polyphenol content of 63%. These are some of the most powerful anti-carcinogenic antioxidants known today, in unparalleled natural concentrations.

WHY Eat Drink Tea Essence?

Functional - 7x more nutrients than regular tea
Natural – Certified 100% Organic USDA, JAS, EU standards
Convenient - make rich and pure tea in 3 seconds
Safe and Pure - SGS certified, pure and free ofimpurities, unlike traditional teas

Raw Materials

EDT uses only the new shoot and first two leaves from 50 year old and 300 year old Pu’er Tea trees. All leaves are selected from large-leafed tea varietals, meticulously chosen from the best tea producing mountains of Pu'er in Yunnan Province.


Patented & unique extraction
Patented & unique extraction